Foureyes Foundation is Go

Foureyes Foundation is Go

Our charitable work getting glasses to school kids who need them has received formal recognition from Charities Services (part of the Department of Internal Affairs). The Foureyes Foundation is now a registered charity

Providing glasses is just one aspect of the Foureyes Foundation's work. It starts with identifying eyesight problems (screening). Our pilot programme at Titahi Bay School in Wellington showed a big unmet need - almost 1 in 3 of the Year 6 kids we screened needed follow up with an optometrist.

The next step is eye testing. In our pilot programme there was a big drop-off in kids making it to the optometrist for testing (even though it was free), so this is something we want to work on making as easy as possible.

Providing glasses is made easy since a pair is donated for every pair sold. Finally, follow up and monitoring is really important. Kids eyesight can change rapidly, so it doesn't end when we hand over a pair of glasses. It's also important to be able to monitor and demonstrate the benefits that good eyesight can bring.

Your purchases support this work already; if you would like to provide additional support, you can visit our Givealittle page. Our current focus for fundraising is the purchase of a screening tool to help identify a range of eyesight problems.


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