Improving the way we work with kids

Improving the way we work with kids

Foureyes Foundation is currently fundraising for a piece of new optical equipment that will help us screen the vision of more children, more quickly. So what is it, and what does it do?

Our target is to purchase a “PlusOptix”, which is a screening device designed specifically to detect common vision problems in children. The PlusOptix is portable (similar height/width to a tablet), runs off rechargeable batteries (so can go anywhere), and can be done by anyone (it is similar to taking a picture of someone). All you have to do is stand a meter away from the child and they just look at the smiley face on the front. And that's it – it can generate a “diagnosis” e.g. long- or short-sighted plus strength.

BLENNZ Wellington staff look at PlusOptix screening tool

Photo: Members of Blind & Low Vision Education Network (BLENNZ) Wellington check out how the PlusOptix works

The PlusOptix screening tool will help us work with more New Zealand school kids to identify vision problems. At the moment screening is done manually, needs someone who has technical understanding on what they are looking for (Ravi), and takes about 3-5 minutes per child.

The PlusOptix takes less than a minute and prints out the results so they can be taken to an optometrist for a full eye test if needed (it also saves the records so it can move with them if they change schools). This is a pretty big deal for a small team, and will no doubt allow us to help more school kids - we already have schools in line wanting our help. 

If you are a teacher or parent in a low-decile school who would like to know more about the vision screening we do, please get in touch.

If you would like to help us achieve this goal, please visit our Givealittle page to contribute. Update: we are now fully funded for the PlusOptix! Donations will now go towards our operating costs, letting us visit more schools.

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