Elements of Good Vision - What's Important for Your Child

August 06, 2015

Elements of Good Vision - What's Important for Your Child

There is a clear link between a child’s ability to see well and his or her ability to learn and succeed in school.

Children learn mostly with their eyes. Reading, writing, whiteboard work, computers, playtime and sports are all hard work if you cannot see clearly.  Many everyday tasks for children involve seeing quickly and using visual information.

Understanding the basics of children's eye health can help parents, caregivers, and teachers detect problems early and address them before they become serious.

Understanding children's vision problems

Elements of good vision

Good vision includes seeing well at a distance and also for close work, and depends on both eye health and eye function. Good eye function involves visual integration and visual skills such as using the eyes together, focusing the eyes properly and changing focus appropriately, and moving the eyes when needed.

Visual acuity: The ability to see clearly at close, middle and far distances. This includes activities at various distances such as reading a book, working on a computer or seeing the whiteboard.

Eye health: A healthy eye is one free of diseases, such as strabismus (where the eye turns), and amblyopia (lazy eye), which can impair vision or lead to vision loss if not diagnosed and treated early.

Visual skills: All the functions the eyes must be able to perform to process visual information.

Visual skills include:

Eye focusing - The ability of the eyes to focus and shift focus to near and distant points easily

Eye coordination - The ability of the eyes to work properly together.

Eye movement or tracking - The ability to move the eyes together across a page of print, to look directly at an object, to follow a moving object or to jump smoothly from one object to another.

Visual integration: The ability to process and integrate visual information, which includes and coordinates input from our other senses and previous experiences so that we can understand what we see.

To find out more about how Mr Foureyes is helping children with vision problems, read about our Buy One, Give One approach.

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