Creative People

September 21, 2015

Creative People

Mr Foureyes is thrilled to be a part of Massey University's Creative Enterprises paper this semester. We have five groups of students working with us on various aspects of our business operations, under the theme "How can design help Mr Foureyes." The students presented their client proposals to us last week, and we are now working with them to refine the concepts. We are feeling very excited about all the fresh new ideas coming through.

Some of the students are thinking about how our glasses might be packaged to send out to our customers - both when we introduce a home try-on option, and the glasses case itself. Other students are working on the lens cloth, and coming up with neat ways of integrating the social arm of our business into this and other aspects of our work. Still others are thinking about how we can help you to find the right glasses for you on our website (or in person). There are also plans for physical installations and promotions.

We are really excited to harness all this energy and deliver something innovative and different for our customers!

Massey Creative Enterprise students x Mr Foureyes

Glasses case prototype | Massey Creative Enterprise students x Mr Foureyes


Massey Creative Enterprise students x Mr Foureyes

Massey Creative Enterprise students pitch Mr Foureyes

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