The story of our lens cloths - or, An ode to "Buy One, Give One"

November 16, 2015

The story of our lens cloths - or, An ode to "Buy One, Give One"

Mr Foureyes has recently worked with Massey University Creative Enterprise students to raise awareness of the work we do to help Kiwi kids who need glasses. One of the fantastic ideas the students came up with was to incorporate drawings from the children we help into a custom-printed lens cloth, alongside information about the programme.

We are excited to say printing will soon begin on the cloth prototypes (these ones are painted & designed by the talented Massey students). Here is a sneak preview:

GLasses lens cloth using children's artwork for Mr Foureyes

Example glasses lens cloth created for Mr Foureyes

The students also developed an info pamphlet that we will soon be including with all our orders.

Info pamphlet & glasses lens cloth produced for Mr Foureyes by Creative Enterprise students

Mr Foureyes info booklet produced by Creative Enterprise students

Perhaps the best part, though, is the poem about the Buy One, Give One programme that is included in the booklet: 
Take a look at the cloth inside your case.
It has a special story to tell, something to bring a smile to your face.
You see, each time a pair of glasses is purchased from Mr Foureyes,
We donate a pair & help out the little guys.

Unfortunately some New Zealand children don't have the glasses they need,
Causing them to struggle at school when trying to write & read.

Sometimes they just need a helping hand,
And by gaining a pair of glasses they can see clearly & begin to understand.

We believe childhood is important here at Mr Foureyes,
And the number of children in need of glasses may be a surprise.

So we thank you from the bottom of our heart,
We need you when supporting these children, you play a big part!

To show our appreciation for the good deed you have,
We asked the children you are supporting to paint a picture & have some fun.

So onto the cloths the pictures were printed,
Reminding you of all the children who once squinted.

We hope to make you smile each time you wipe your glasses clean -
Enjoy your purchase & we wish you all the best from the Mr Foureyes team! 

Poem & design credits: Minjoo Ruth Bai, Tyree Gunn, Kim Scott, Emma Plom & Kane Mitchell, Massey University Creative Enterprises paper Semester 2, 2015 

You can check out some more of their work here:
(Links will be updated with additional student details as soon as they are available)


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