Why Reglaze? All About Getting New Prescription Lenses for Your Glasses

November 16, 2015 2 Comments

Why Reglaze? All About Getting New Prescription Lenses for Your Glasses

You may wish to get new lenses for your frames if...

Your lenses are scratched

Glasses with scratched lenses


Your prescription has changed

Eye testing optometry equipment

You want to upgrade to tinted or transitions lenses

Prescription sunglasses tinted lenses

You've got vintage or designer frames that you want prescription lenses for 

Vintage frames with new prescription lenses

You'd rather not spend money on new glasses & have the old ones sitting in a drawer somewhere even though the frames are perfectly fine.

Or all of the above!

How does it work?
Optical lenses come in big round discs, like this:

 Uncut prescription glasses lens

Your old lenses will be removed from the frames, and an optical edging machine  - like this one - will be used to trace the shape of your frames, and grind down new lenses to fit perfectly.

Prescription glasses lens cutting machine 

Some things to consider

The age and quality of your frames (things to look out for include brittleness in plastic frames - the process of removing and reinserting the lenses may include some manipulation of the frames, possibly involving heat; this shouldn't be a problem for most frames but if you're not sure you can always check first).

The style - sometimes you want a change, but you can also breath new life into vintage styles by replacing the lenses.  

Frames or sunglasses that are too curved may not be eligible for reglazing.

Find out more about reglazing here.

2 Responses

Steph (Mr Foureyes)
Steph (Mr Foureyes)

November 23, 2015

Hi John,

We’ll check it out and get back to you!




November 21, 2015

I have a pair of prescription sunglasses that need reglazing. Before sending them in are you able to check if they are too curved by validating the model number? They are Prada SPS 01L. I’m not sure what the other codes on the arms mean but let me know if this will help. Had been into specssavers and they thought they may be too curved.

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