How it's made: fitting prescription lenses

How it's made: fitting prescription lenses

A step-by-step guide to how prescription lenses are fitted

Step One (for reglazing - fitting new lenses into existing frames - only)

Removing prescription lenses from glasses frames for replacement (reglazing)

If necessary, the frames to be fitted are checked to ensure they are appropriate for re-glazing (e.g. plastic frames are not brittle). The old lenses are then removed.  




    Step Two

    Tracing frame shape to fit prescription glasses with new lenses | Mr Foureyes

    The shape of the frames is traced in a tracing machine.







      Step Three

      New prescription lenses for glasses come in big round discs

      New prescription lenses come in big round discs, like these ones - the thickness of the disc depends on the strength of the prescription.


      Using the lens grinding machine to fit new prescription lenses for glasses





      An edging machine is used to grind the discs to the correct lens size and shape for the glasses frames.







      Step Four

      Fitting new prescription lenses back into the glasses frames 

      The lenses are fitted into the glasses frames.








      Step Five 

      Glasses fitted with new prescription lenses ready for delivery

      The new lenses are cleaned and polished and the glasses are ready for delivery.








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