Our profile in the Dominion Post - or How Ravi became a film star for a day

Our profile in the Dominion Post - or How Ravi became a film star for a day

We spent a lovely morning with Chloe Winter & Monique Ford of the Dominion Post the other week. They came around and chatted to us about what we do and what makes Mr Foureyes different from other optical businesses.

If you haven't seen it already, you can read the Dominion Post article - and watch the video - here.

Optometrist Ravi Dass of Mr Foureyes profiled in the Dominion Post

For us, one of the main things we love is the interaction with all the people we come across in the course of our work - and it was neat to share some of the stories with Monique and Chloe.

Like the way we ended up having three members of the same family independently come to us as customers. And the lovely woman on the Kapiti Coast who Ravi made a special house call to on his way back from Auckland one weekend. She sent Ravi home with special Dutch Christmas baking and also a beautiful parenting booklet as we prepare for the birth of our second child.

Then there is the woman we provided with prescription lenses for her new sunglasses - only to have the woman who bought her old pair off Trade Me also bring them to us for prescription lenses!

There's also the pensioner, whose story is shared in the Dominion Post article, who was quoted $1,200 for new prescription lenses (just the lenses!) for her glasses. We will be able to help her out for much less than that.


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