Behavioural optometry at New River Primary School, Invercargill

Behavioural optometry at New River Primary School, Invercargill

Ravi visited New River Primary School in Invercargill at the end of August. The school motto is Empowering for Life - what a great approach.

New River Primary School

The focus of this visit was a bit different. Ravi was there at the invitation of deputy principal and reading recovery teacher Lorraine Dallas. She knows first-hand how eyesight problems can easily manifest themselves in learning difficulties, and wanted to do everything she could to help out the kids in her care.

Children's eyesight is more than just the ability of the eye to focus (and the brain to accurately process the image). Also important are the child's ability to:

  • focus attention on specific objects (visual attention); and
  • differentiate shapes and spatial information such as left and right (visual thinking/discrimination)

Ravi used some simple exercises to look at these visual functions, and found many children aged 5 to 10 had difficulty telling their left and right apart, as well as difficulties with visual attention like word or letter confusion and/or skipping words.



Want to find out more?

This website has some great information and exercises for parents to do with their kids. 

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Kids at New River Primary School


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