School screening update

School screening update

We have successfully fundraised for the PlusOptix screening tool, and have been using it with great success at a couple of schools recently.

We were back at Titahi Bay School to screen eyesight of 73 Year 2 & 53 Year 3 students (126 in total) in June this year. This was our first time using the PlusOptix and it went really well. The equipment is held in front of the child and they look into the smiley face at the front. That is all that is needed to give a reading of the child's eyesight.

We would like to thank Karori Lion's Club volunteers for helping us out on the day.

Using the PlusOptix to screen child's eyesight | Foureyes Foundation


Children's vision screening | Foureyes Foundation

After the success of our first go with the screening tool, we were back at Titahi Bay in July to screen the remainder of the kids (another 258). After we have screened the children, we categorise them as either needing:

  • referral to an optometrist for a complete eye test; 
  • monitoring in 6 months to see how their eyesight is getting on; or
  • no action required (to be reviewed in a year's time)

We are starting to get the prescriptions through now to follow up with providing glasses as needed - thanks to all our customers who make this giving possible! Overall, between 15 and 20% of kids needed follow up with the optometrist.

Ravi has also recently been down to New River Primary School in Invercargill. The focus there was to look at behavioural optometry - more on that soon.

Thanks for reading! And thanks for supporting our Buy One Give One programme.

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