Need an eye exam in Porirua?

Our new clinic is based in East Porirua in the heart of the community we help.  

100% of the fees for adult eye tests go back to the charity - now you can give local kids the gift of sight by choosing us.

And eye exams are free for all kids.


Porirua started in September 2018, supported by Ora Toa medical centre to help the community with access to eyecare services.

We have worked with a number of schools in the area, and have recently added eye testing for adults.

Common Questions

Do I need an eye exam to get glasses?

No, but eye exams are important to ensure that you have the best correction for your glasses (eyes do change over time), and to ensure that any eye diseases are picked up early and treated correctly.

We recommend a regular eye exam every 2 years just to make sure everything is up-to-date. Also, we can't legally use prescriptions older than 2 years.

What does an eye exam cost?

Adult eye exams are $70.

This gets donated to the charity to ensure we continue the work we do in our communities, including providing free eye exams for children.

Kid's eye exams are free.

This is subsidised by grants, subsidies, and more recently through eye exams for adults.

How does this help the charity?

Did you know that up to 20% of kiwi kids have undiagnosed vision problems? Reading, writing, whiteboard work, computers, playtime and sports are all hard work if you cannot see clearly.

We are trying our best to solve this in the areas we are located - our clinics are located in areas of the highest need, and you get to see and be part of the change we are making.

What if I need glasses?

We don't always suggest you need new glasses, especially if you love your glasses so have options that suit everyone;

1. If you like to keep your own frames, we think that is great - it saves you money, save the environment by reducing waste, but also saves you time looking for another frame.

2. We have a range of new frames as well as donated frames that were kindly refurbished by Lions Karori, and given to us to give to others for free.

Do you do contact lenses?

Not yet, but our eye tests do include review of your existing contact lenses if you have them already and provide an updated prescription. We will look at adding contact lenses in the future though.

Have we missed a question?

Get in touch with us, and we will do our best to help you out.

Ready to book an eye exam?


We are located at Ora Toa medical centre Waitangirua.

201 Warspite Avenue, Waitangirua, Porirua.

book online through our link below, or contact us 021 938 269.