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for parents

All the information you need to understand our screening & children's vision.

watch us screen a child in 15 seconds

Vision Screening for your child

Our screening was created to complement the current screening done by the government.

We screen every child in the school (the Government screening focuses on ages 4-5 and 11-12). The process is simple for the child, and fast (watch the video on the left). It doesn't rely on self-reporting by the child.

An optometrist is involved throughout the whole process - usually from screening, analysing the information through to testing your child.

As a result, we are identifying a large number of children with vision problems that haven't previously been picked up - the rate who end up needing glasses is generally around 15%.

You can read more about what we do here [opens .pdf].

A free national vision screening programme, run by the Ministry of Health, is available for pre-school children and at age 11-12 (Year 7).

Well Child/Tamariki Ora service

The Well Child/Tamariki Ora service is offered free to children from 4–6 weeks to 5 years, and includes questions about your child’s vision. At birth, your child will be screened for several serious eye conditions. If any problems are found during this screening, they’ll be referred to an eye specialist.

The B4 School Check is the final Well Child check. It includes a vision screening for amblyopia (lazy eye).

Year 7 vision checks

Your child will have their distance vision checked at school when they are 11 or 12. Boys are also checked for colour blindness. If the screening picks up a vision problem, your child will be referred for a full assessment.

If you’re worried about your child’s vision, it’s important to get it checked. The free checks don’t test for everything.  

A subsidy for glasses and vision tests is available to some families.

did you receive a letter from your school? here's what to do next.

To make an appointment to see us for testing your child, either contact your school, or get in touch with us:

021 938 269 (Ravi)

We charge for $60 for eye examinations. This is covered by a Government subsidy if you have a community services card.

We test eyes at Selina Sutherland Medical Centre every second Friday.

SCREENING is simplified eye test, and is designed to quickly check for vision problems in children. It isn't a replacement for an eye exam, and even our screening won't pick up every possible problem. It also doesn't check the health of your child's eyes - which is equally important.  

EYE TESTING involves a more thorough eye examination (usually 30 minutes) that checks not just the prescription needed, but also the eye muscles, and health of your child's eyes.

We have more than 100 styles and designs to choose from - we bring this with us to Selina Sutherland, and will help your child choose glasses. The lenses need to be fitted to the chosen frames, which takes about 5 working days to do. Depending on your preference, we either courier the glasses to you, send them to your child's school, or you can collect them the next time we are up at Selina Sutherland.

We allocate a limited number of free pairs of glasses to each school we work with, to help those who cannot otherwise afford them. Children whose parents have a Community Services card are eligible for a Government subsidy that covers eye tests and provision of glasses (up to a maximum amount, which should be sufficient to provide glasses at no cost to the parent).

We also sell glasses through the Foundation if you would like to support us - we try and keep this as affordable as possible (most of our children's glasses are 2 pairs for $200).

Of course not. We understand that there are reasons why you would want to see another optometrist, however there are couple of reasons why you might want your child to see us:

  1. Foureyes Foundation is all about kids, and making sure that there is continuity - we try and make the process fun, while being as informative as possible.
  2. Ravi (our optometrist) started his career in a children's practice and this is his speciality. In addition to routine eye tests,Ravi has experience working with learning difficulties, eye-muscle defects, and other behavioural optometry conditions.
  3. Because we just focus on children, we can generally schedule you an appointment much more quickly than other commercial practices.


We provide glasses to those who need them, and we also make sure that we monitor all the kids we see. We are committed to helping achieve long-term improvements in learning and development by treating vision problems. This means we want to know how the glasses are going, is your child wearing their glasses, have you noticed any improvements in their school-work, and so on. We also recommend regular eye tests (every 12 months or so), as children's eyesight can change rapidly.


Rachel Dick

"Thank you so much! A great visit with two other kids in tow, a toilet stop, a visit to the fejoa tree and everyone was happy.
The fact that Belle already had her test at school and then we just pick them up, with instructions on care was brilliant."

Via Facebook

Kerry Delaney, Principal, Titahi Bay School

"We often have kids that come in and we get them checked and we think gosh, how has this child got to...year 5 and no one's actually picked up that they've got an eye issue."

Interviewed by Simon Morton on Radio NZ

Lakeview School, Masterton

"We had Ravi Dass and some lovely ladies from our local Lioness Club at school today eye testing ALL our Year 1-6 students! The charity identifies eyesight problems, facilitates eye testing, provides glasses and does follow ups!

We really appreciate this kind of support for our students - what an amazing foundation!"

Via Facebook

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