Sian wearing ABE frames in black by Mr Foureyes



Where are you fromI'm from Wellington - I've lived in the Hutt all my life.

Favourite things about living in Wellington: I've got an established group of friends here, which I love. I like the Bohemian feel and the diverse people here. It's not too big - but you can always find places you haven't been before. I also like being able to get away from the city when I feel like it, it's a good balance for me.  

I would describe my personal style as: I'm most comfortable in fairly casual clothes - I wear a lot of pants, although I'm trying to branch out and start to wear skirts & dresses as well.   

I like to shop at: I am really into op-shopping, and I often alter op shop clothes to fit. Vinnies (St Vincent de Pauls) and Rebound are staples for me. 

Favourite Mr Foureyes frames: I really had to toss up between the Abe frames in black (pictured), and the Cody frames in maroon. I like the simplicity & the smaller size of the Abe frames, but I also love the pop of colour from the Cody frames.

I love to wear glasses because: Glasses can be used to highlight your features, and make you look smart & professional. I often reach for my glasses when I've got a job interview!


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