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Where are you fromOriginally Manila, but I've lived in New Zealand since I was seven - mostly small-town New Zealand, from Dannevirke to Palmerston North. I've lived in Wellington for about three years.

Favourite things about living in Wellington: I love the abundance of open-minded, genuine people. There's a good vibe here, maybe it's natural for an interesting environment like Wellington but it seems like there is plenty of energy to develop businesses and the arts. 

I would describe my personal style as: This is a hard one to answer! I am into the basics really, but I also like textures to add interest. I like interchangeable items that work well together. I'm also an active person, so functionality is really important - so you can do what you want without your clothes getting in the way.   

I like to shop at: I am a big op-shopper, so Recycle Boutique is a staple for me, as well as AS Colour for the basics. 

Favourite Mr Foureyes frames: The Jess frames in black tortoiseshell. I like these frames because retro frames can be a great distinguishing feature, that can adapt to a lot of wardrobe styles. I got them made up as prescription sunglasses, which I'm looking forward to over summer - it's a luxury compared to switching from regular glasses to sunnies, or I have even been known to wear my sunglasses over the top of my glasses in the past.

I love to wear glasses because: I love the additional focus and intensity I can gain by putting my glasses on to look at something in more detail. I feel like it can help me to appreciate the moment more. There's something special about something that can both look good, and change the way you think or approach the moment.


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