Style profile: Mary


 Mary wearing Cody glasses frames in black & clear by Mr Foureyes



Where are you fromI lived in the UK until I was twelve, and then we moved to Auckland. I moved to Wellington two months ago, to manage the Three Wise Men store at Wellington Airport.

Favourite things about living in Wellington: I've only been here for a few months, but I love being able to walk everywhere, and the diversity packed into such a small space. I can wander from the hipsters of Cuba St, to chic shops on Lambton Quay - or feel like I've escaped the city altogether just ten minutes from where I live (in Mt. Cook).  

I would describe my personal style as: I would say street with an edge - I love sneakers and casual wear but I've got a close friend who's a fashion designer and she helps me add an element of chic to my look.   

Favourite Mr Foureyes frames: I love these Cody frames in black & clear. They are bold enough to make a statement, but having the clear as well really softens the look and means they aren't overwhelming my face. 

What wearing glasses means for me: When I was in my final year of high school, I ended up being accidentally hit in the face with a baseball during school sports. The knock was hard enough to blind me in one eye for a week or so - I'm lucky enough that may vision has come back, but it has had a lasting impact on my life. These days, the main reason I wear glasses is to help with symptoms of tiredness and headaches - I find putting on my glasses can lead to a feeling of lightness if I'm feeling weighed down. It's also handy that they are so "in" at the moment as a fashion accessory!  



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