Our Charity

We are on a mission to find the 1 out 10 Kids who have eyesight problems.

The Foureyes Foundation is a registered charity that identifies and treat children with eyesight problems through a Vision Programme.


How we can support organisations to deliver eyecare services as well

At the core of our mahi, we want to provide tools for others to do what we do, because sometimes it takes more than one organisation to drive a good social model – the best example of this is our partnership with LSCs in the schools.

We fund and provide the screening machine to LSCs, who in turn run the screening in their schools, communicate and get whaanau to an optometrist, and help the Foundation access more schools in the region.

The generosity of LSCs doing this (for free) has quadrupled the number of children screened each year.

The Vision Programme

Delivering key eyecare services to those in need

It starts in each primary school, where all the school kids are screened for vision issues using a piece of optometry equipment. With the help of Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs) we find about 15% of all the kids need further assessment by an optometrist. This number is usually higher in areas of need.

We also provide fully-funded eye testing in each region through partnerships with optometrists and a local medical center. Removing barriers is important to improve equitable outcomes, and we want to ensure that eye testing is focused around children and ease of access for whaanau. We are currently partnered with 4 medical centers that provide free eye testing for children.

Finally, the Foundation has its’ own supply of glasses and lenses that is produced out of our own lab in Wellington CBD. This way we can continue to provide glasses at no cost to children that need them.

All up Foureyes Foundation has continued to grow and has reached more than 50 schools, supported close to 10000 children, and has partnered with 4 medical clinics to provide a free and readily accessible vision programme to those in our community.

How your purchase helps

Mr Foureyes was created to support Foureyes Foundation with free glasses for children, and funding optometrists to provide screening and eye tests. Through those purchasing glasses from us, we were able to grow the foundation to what it is today.

We have recently changed how we support the foundation as it continues to grow, and how our contribution can provide long-term and sustainable funds to align with the ongoing need.

This is why we have created an endowment fund through Nikau Foundation so that every purchase through us will contribute to this self-growing fund that will scale alongside the Foureyes Foundation.

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